What does a chiropractor do?

A chiropractor is a health care specialist that treats back and neck pain, strains, joint problems, sprained muscles, osteoarthritis, slipped discs and other musculoskeletal conditions. Although a lot of people think chiropractors to only be a sort of therapist, a chiropractor is actually a certified doctor and has to go through arduous training and years of examinations in the area of medical discipline called “chiropractics”.

Does a chiropractor prescribe medicines or surgery?

No,.. this is one of the core things that sets the Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) aside from a regular doctor (MD or GP) in that they do not use drugs nor surgery to treat their patients. Chiropractic is a healing discipline in which sessions are given to manipulate the vertebrae in the spinal chord so as to bring on alleviation from pain and better health.

What is your process for evaluating treatment?

At the outset we consult the patient in a relaxed and casual manner but with focused attention to detail to evaluate things such as fine points of your health background and also talk about hospitalizations or surgery that you may perhaps have had since we need to develop an insight of your general health and personal history before we can formulate an evaluation as to the correct course of therapy for you. Additional to this, we take into account the age of the patient in addition to work conditions, daily activities and any sporting activities.

If I consider I’m in relatively good health could I benefit from a chiropractic consultation?

Yes, you could unquestionably. It doesn’t matter what age you may be or regardless of whether you’re in a robust condition of health, as experts skilled in giving therapies and counsel that supports a persons health by means of ensuring proper spinal alignment and a free flowing nervous system  we are able to aid you in sustaining superior health, deeper sleep and heightened relaxation in addition to developing better posture and physical habits that will protect you from such things as stress, strain, occupational hazard and injury in addition to proper stability and condition for any patients involved in sports or athletics.

What about the expense of therapy,.. will I be required to go into debt?

No,.. in actual fact, the opposite almost certainly applies here for the reason that the cost of chiropractic therapy is far lower than usual medical options and you ought to also keep in mind that the very essence of chiropractic will steer away from high-priced surgery and hospitalisation. a large number of people search out a chiropractor either with a purpose to retain improved health (prevention is always superior (and less expensive) than cure) or to end the financial bleeding that could have been inflicted as a consequence of traditional medical treatment.

Do you make use of equipment in your therapies and if so under what circumstances?

Yes, we use a variety of types of equipment to aid us in or work and whilst numerous are thought of high tech, a few are much more conventional but none of our equipment is invasive (again.. to repeat, we do not carry out surgery of any sort). We use things like ultrasound and Xray so as to make very precise assessments of suitable spinal treatment, and on the simple scale of things we use heat packs and ice packs to relieve soreness for our patients with the intention to make treatments as painless as possible. In a lot of cases our patients report zero pain or minor discomfort during some procedures where a serious injury or chronic pain is prevalent.

Is there a typical age that one should consider a chiropractic consultation?

This is a decent question and a large number of people believe that only elderly people attend chiropractors unless they have been injured or are disabled in some way, however this isn’t exactly the case. We do of course have a substantial clientele of patients that are in middle to old age but we in addition treat athletes, sports people and even children. There’s not anything quite as gratifying for us to have the opportunity to help a parent ensure improved posture and physical lifestyle for their children so as to avert a lot of illnesses and to help them mature into healthier adults that have an understanding of the significance or chiropractic advantage.

If I commence a treatment and start to feel improved can I cease further treatments?

Yes, you can naturally opt to stop your treatments or consultations at any time but one thing you should be conscious of is that frequently a patient will begin to feel well again because a treatment has introduced relief from pain induced by a spinal problem whereby pressure has been released from a critical area. Yet, this is typically where the chiropractors work begins in making certain that the patients spinal alignment, strength and stability is restored so as permanent healing can happen. In the event that you were to bring to an end treatments simply for the reason that you feel recovered then you might find that your trouble may well recur. You ought to really take note of the skilled guidance of your chiropractor so far as an adequate course of corrective therapy is concerned, as he or she knows best and has your best wellbeing at heart and not just being focused on follow up consultations purely to contribute to clinic income.


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