Does a Berkeley Ca chiropractor prescribe medicines or surgery?

Does Berkeley Ca chiropractor prescribe medicines or surgery?

No,.. this is one of the core things that sets the Doctor of Berkeley Ca Chiropractor Berkeley Ca Chiropractor(DC) aside from a regular doctor (MD or GP) in that they do not use drugs nor surgery to treat their patients. Berkeley Ca Chiropractor is a healing discipline in which sessions are given to manipulate the vertebrae in the spinal chord so as to bring on alleviation from pain and better health.

What is Berkeley Ca Chiropractor process for evaluating treatment?

At the outset as a Berkeley Ca Chiropractor we consult the patient in a relaxed and casual manner but with focused attention to detail to evaluate things such as fine points of your health background and also talk about hospitalizations or surgery that you may perhaps have had since we need to develop an insight of your general health and personal history before we can formulate an evaluation as to the correct course of therapy for you. Additional to this, we take into account the age of the patient in addition to work conditions, daily activities and any sporting activities.

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